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Taxation and Finance

SA has the features in finance. Firstly, the existence of the company capital in the form of shares can attract additional capital and investors. However, the company can go and equity under the conditions of its sufficiency and unwillingness to let the shareholders in the business of others. Wide field for financial maneuvering makes SA the most attractive to large businesses. However, medium and small businesses may be in the form of AT and involve opportunities for additional funds for development. Of course, there are and the costs associated with servicing this capital. Therefore, we must find the optimal model in specific circumstances.

Second, shareholders are entitled to receive dividends as a result of the financial year. In this case, it is important to the existence of ordinary and preferred shares. Preference share entitles you to priority dividends, but denies the right to control the company. Ordinary shares entitle to the same management, but after a secondary preference shares eligible for dividends.

Finance company requires a thorough analysis and planning. Therefore we can not say that this process required only of financial experts. The important part is the specialists in the legal field, experts in the field of investment.

Investment activity is a separate issue in most large companies. This investment and investing in future projects. Separately it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of foreign investment. Especially given the recent legislative changes that have compulsory registration of foreign investments and their implementation only through investment accounts.

Overall success of the enterprise financial policies, investment projects depends heavily on the professionalism of its developers and distributors. Here the important role played by the correct choice of counsel in a particular field.

Separately, the question of taxation. Optimization of the tax burden is an important moment in the activities of each company. Universal advice in this matter there is little, it all depends on the characteristics of field activities, structure and specifics of the enterprise.

Most useful information about these issues can be found in other sections of the site.

On taxation of nonresidents in particular, see here .

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