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Creation and registration of JSC

The procedure for creating JSC consists of the following steps:

  1. adoption of the founders meeting decision to establish a joint-stock company and the closed (private) placement of shares;
  2. application and all necessary documents for registration of shares to the State Commission on Securities and Stock Market Commission (SEC);
  3. SEC registration of shares and issue a temporary certificate of registration of shares;
  4. assignment of shares of an international identification number of securities;
  5. conclusion of the securities depository agreement on the issue of shares or registered securities registrar agreement on maintaining the register of holders of securities;
  6. closed (private) placement of shares to founders;
  7. pay the full cost of the founders of shares;
  8. Approval of the constituent assembly company results closed (private) placement of shares to founders, approving the company's charter and making other decisions provided for by law;
  9. registration of the company and its charter in the state of incorporation;
  10. filing SEC report on the closed (private) placement of shares;
  11. Registration of Securities Commission report on the closed (private) placement of shares;
  12. a certificate of state registration of shares;
  13. issuance of founders of documents confirming the ownership of the shares.

Note that provided the procedure shall be implemented in full compliance with the law. Otherwise, the SEC may decide to refuse to register a report on the closed (private) offering and appeal to court for liquidation of the company.

Under such conditions necessary to create AD is the involvement of experts.

In this field we perform the following work:

  • assistance in choosing the optimal organizational form of business, consulting on matters of registration;
  • the procedure for the creation of AO in accordance with legislative requirements;
  • Preparation of constituent documents;
  • support issuance of shares, the contract with the Depositary, the registration of shares in the SEC;
  • preparation and holding of constituent assembly;
  • state registration, a registration documents, certificate of statistics;
  • Registration tax, a pension fund;
  • implementation of other necessary action for registration and accreditation company.
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