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In accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Joint Stock Companies' shares of JSC must be exclusively in electronic form. If shares are in dokumentraniy form, they should be converted to book-entry (dematerialize) to 29 October 2010. In this area we provide the following services:

  • organization and the general meeting of shareholders on the dematerialization of shares;
  • preparation of necessary documents for the decision to dematerialization of shares;
  • publication of notice of dematerialization;
  • the replacement certificate in SSMSC of registration of shares in documentary form the existence of a certificate of registration of shares in uncertificated form;
  • advice in preparing the documents for the termination of the Registry and its transmission;
  • assistance in concluding an agreement on the issue of depository services;
  • assistance in concluding an agreement on opening securities accounts to the shareholders with the custodian;
  • advising on termination of service form documentary production registrar, transfer registry custodian;
  • providing information and advisory support at the opening of the issuer of the securities to shareholders.
03150 Ukraine, Kiev, Yamskaya st., 72
phone:: +38(044)227-16-81 +38(044)227-16-82 fax: +38(044) 586-46-59