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Law "On Joint Stock Companies" with the progressive changes brought much trouble to existing joint stock companies. Given this, often to the shareholders a question about the change of legal form. The most common is the conversion of SA into a limited liability company.

Our experts provide advice on choosing the optimal organizational form, which can be converted to joint stock companies, and perform all actions for such reorganization, including:

  • provide advice on all matters of reorganization of joint stock companies;
  • preparation of necessary documents for the decision to transform the SC, including statutes, regulations and other;
  • preparation and conduct of general meetings of shareholders;
  • preparation and submission of documents to the SEC to stop the circulation of shares;
  • assistance in preparing the transfer act;
  • support cancellation of registration of shares and cancellation of certificate of registration of shares.
  • the state registration of the changes required;
  • support the replacement of all required documents (certificate of statistics, tax, pension funds, banks and others).
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